Coachella Lineup 2013: Old Legends Going Solo and a Double Dose of Nick Cave

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Colin Young-Wolff
The question is: Are you as excited as this guy?
The 2013 Coachella Lineup is here! In case this is your only source of music information (what else could you possibly need, really?), the headliners are The Stone Roses, Blur, Phoenix and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Why yes, we do live in a world where New Order gets out-billed by Phoenix. Check out the full thing below.


As for that headline, note Lou Reed and Johnny Marr both on Friday (that one probably has the most intriguing pair of headliners, as well). And Nick Cave pulled a fast one and got both Grinderman and The Bad Seeds on the bill. Should be a terrifying good time.

Any thoughts? Will you make the trek to Indio this April?

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It's doubtful I'll be going.  But, I'm hoping this means there will be a US tour for The Stone Roses.

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