The Night I Knocked Over British Sea Power's Equipment and they Gave Me All Their Beer

Fast forward to the encore. We are both pretty blasted by this point. BSP have put on a great set. We're right at the front. Suddenly, the guitarist gestures for us to join him on the stage. We assume he's made a mistake. We wait. He gestures again, more insistently this time. Ascending to the stage, standing alongside one of my favourite bands, we are both ushered over to a microphone while the band strikes up their biggest hit, "Carrion". Further gestures imply that we are now doing the backing vocals, so we get stuck into that as only two people who've taken an excess of rum can. Really badly. As Carrion descends into BSP's usual chaos-driven noise-stupidity encore, I somehow end up with the guitarist on my shoulders (which he jumped onto, from an amp stack he was climbing) while he plays guitar with his teeth. I lose track of everything as we wheel drunkenly around the stage, narrowly avoiding the drum kit, while equipment takes a battering all around us. I'm pretty sure I ended the encore by using a man (who is still on my shoulders)'s guitar to hit a cymbal with, until the drummer kicked over the cymbal stack, and we all exited stage left.

British Sea Power then took us backstage, talked to us for an age (I am still suffering gibbering fandom at this point. Still.), gave us all of their free beer, reminisced with us about old UK tours we'd seen them on, and eventually they waved us away like old friends as we exited the bar, long after closing time. The trumpet player even halted a phone conversation with his wife to come and warmly wish us farewell.

Pretty much the best night ever.

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Good story Gavin, if it was anyone I'd ever heard of, then it would of been a great story!


Ok, I'll say it: cool story, bro.

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