The Best Part of Being in a Band is the Broke, Sloppy Beginning: Enjoy it

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Start a Coldplay tribute band, perhaps. My old bass teacher plays in a blues band that plays in the hallway of United Center during Blackhawks games. My sons' babysitter is in a rad country band that does kids songs and they get hired to play a lot of street fairs and city festivals in the summer. There are ways to make (some) money off being in a regular-gigging local band, but, most of the time, it involves being a jobber and not doing your original music.

So, that said, I think you should move out of your parents house ASAP, get the best crappy job you can and practice at night and on the weekends like everyone else. And then you don't have to give a shit about what they think about you being in a band because you are supporting yourself. When your music is a hobby, it retains its value to you because you need it. Doing music full time is a serious scramble for cash that probably invariably involves saying yes to all manner of shit you do not want to do because you have to pay the rent.

The founding of a band is the best-worst time. Have you ever read any rock tell-all where the person doesn't regard that time as the pinnacle of their life? They are always so miserable when they get to the part with the private jet. So, yes, sure, fantasize all you want about your rock star future, but don't forget to be here in this anxious moment, enjoying this awful time with your band.
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