Ten Indie Artists Poised for Pop Stardom in 2013

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4-3. A$AP Rocky or Azealia Banks

This one's a toss up: Both artists are putting out hotly anticipated albums in 2013 and are starting to pick up steam on the social media front. Either Rocky's Long. Live. A$AP. or Banks' Broke With Expensive Taste is going to dominate Urban and Top 40 radio this year, and if we're lucky both will.

2. The Joy Formidable

Clear Channel is poised to make this Welsh trio stars. The media titan has had them play a number of events over the last year and a half (including a spot on The Edge's Christmas show). The band is still trading off an incredible run at 2011's SXSW that saw the band realize the soaring sonics of their debut The Big Roar in a live setting. If their follow up Wolf's Law has a song that's even half as interesting as "Whirring" was, they're going to be huge.

1. Frightened Rabbit

The sad-sack Scots are back with their fourth full-length album Pedestrian Verse, which is being put out by Atlantic. The label seems to be following the same plan they used for Death Cab for Cutie for the band (namely put them everywhere they can and get as much blog buzz around the new release as possible). Expect lots of critical praise to come for the band as the first singles "The Woodpile" and "State Hospital" are already seeing lots of blog plays. Think of the band as Mumford & Sons, but talented and less yawn inducing.

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listen to Mona.....they're positioned to hit it big!


Agreed on Generationals (note: this is their third album, following "Con Law" and "Actor-Caster".) The Frightened Rabbit-Mumford comparison is fair, as both bands are extraordinarily underwhelming. (With the exception of "Heads Roll Off," I have not recovered from the disappointment of 2008's "Midnight Organ Fight.") 

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