Toby Halbrooks and David Lowery, Directors of Sarah Jaffe's "Glorified High" Video, Take Their Latest Feature To Sundance

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A scene from "Glorified High"
Variety has this little interview with one-time Polyphonic Spree-er Toby Halbrooks, co-director of Sarah Jaffe's "Glorified High" video, which won the Dallas Observer music award for Best Video last month, in which he talks about his and David Lowery's latest feature film, Ain't Them Bodies Saints.

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- Who is that awesome dancing girl in Sarah Jaffe's new video?

The film, which documents the on-the-run story of outlaws played by Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, will be screening at Sundance next month, with Lowery in the director's role and Halbrooks and James M. Johnston as producers.

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please stop "glorifying" this one trick pony, and take a look around, cuz there is SO much fuckin' better.

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