The 10 Best Local Country Songs of 2012

J. Charles & the Trainrobbers, by Nick Prendergrast
The country music that came from DFW in 2012 was perhaps even more of a mixed bag than 2011. Last year, many newcomers were featured on our list of the Ten Best Local Country Songs, but this year, the vets held their ground with authority. From stone-cold, sawdust-kicking AM gold to electric Americana, North Texas continues to be one of the great exporters to the rest of the state and beyond.

"Mercy Killing," J. Charles & the Trainrobbers
Upon the fall release of Upon Leaving, this act became more than a great bar band. "Mercy Killing" is one of a couple of songs on this list that weave a tale from both the male and female perspective, with the vocals to match. While not a slow song, it may be the most somber local country song of the year.

"The Night Before the War," Ronnie Fauss

"Cold Hands," Somebody's Darling
Whether the band that won this year's DOMA for Best Country Act is really country or not is certainly up for greater debate after their kick-ass sophomore album, Jank City Shakedown. Kicking off with this groove-heavy tune, the album never lets off the pedal.

"Honest Lie," Big Gus & Swampadelic

Grant Jones & the Pistol Grip Lassos
"Amphetamine," Grant Jones & the Pistol Grip Lassos

"How Bad," Jerrod Medulla
Medulla celebrated his first DOMA nomination this year, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been making great country albums for years now. The steamiest tune on this list, Medulla's pleasingly gruff vocals team up with the hotter-than-sin Lindi Ortega for a smoldering duet.

"Hard Work Just Ain't Working Anymore," Eleven Hundred Springs
A year-end list such as this has to feature a tune from Matt Hillyer and crew. This year's Midway was yet another jewel in the crown of the metroplex honky-tonk kings.

"Whiskey & Pills," Andrew Delaney & the Horse You Rode In On

Charla Corn

"Next to You," Charla Corn
The songstress who is also an on-air personality on 95.9 the Ranch in Ft. Worth can write a stone-cold country tune. On this ballad, which bounced around a bit last year but was officially released on her Big Shirt EP this year, Corn sings of cold hotel rooms in Dallas, whiskey, tip jars and waking up hungover.

"Kings of Juarez," Robby White & the Tejas Gringos
White's Small Town Outlaw was one of early 2012's best country albums. For White to include quality tunes that were written and co-written with top-notch writers was a great move and resulted in his best album to date. This Michael Ethan Messick-penned tune is an "outlaw song" without having to tell everyone how "outlaw" it is.

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Looking for the title and artist that does a song on 95.9 often but never can catch who it is. Lyrics go like  "goin' down to Fort Worth, gonna have myself a beer or two...something along those lines


@rlb1953 Are you thinking of Walt Wilkins' "Going Up to Fort Worth"?

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