S.S. Coachella Day Two: Stalking Jarvis Cocker, Avoiding Pool-verts

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Photo by Liz Tracy
Is that Jarvis Cocker? Nah ... Just Gaslamp Killer.
Liz Tracy, Music Editor of our sister paper Broward-Palm Beach New Times, is aboard the S.S. Coachella cruise this week. Day one is here.

No one's really interested in reading about the actual performances taking place on this musical ship of contradictions, the S.S. Coachella. Instead, you want a spoonful of gossipy anecdotal sugar.

Pulp was the biggest name at the top of the S.S. Coachella flyer. The band played almost two power hours on Sunday night, but Jarvis Cocker -- the man whose name was being whispered all around the ship -- didn't sit in his room or hide out like James Murphy (the chupacabra of the boat, whom I have only spotted offstage).

No, Cocker made his way around the ship on Tuesday to watch other acts. He appeared to be wearing the same mud-colored suit he donned during Monday's performance. His hair messy, sipping a drink, in oversized glasses, he seemed to be having a reserved sort of good time.

He was spotted watching Warpaint. Hands down, one of the best groups I've ever seen live. During the Black Lips' not-in-any-way-boring set, I had to use the restroom. One of the frontwomen of Warpaint nicely and jokingly (sorta) suggested I pee in the sink or even use the men's room. A gal after my own heart! Luckily, the cruisers are polite and I skipped the line, even making it back in time to hear the Lips play "Bad Kids."

Not long after, James Murphy invited the crowd to join him onstage in the Silhouette Theater. Cocker didn't get up there with the masses. He simply sipped his drink and watched the goofy moves from a safe distance. Murphy made my heart melt with a cover of "Harvest Moon." I was about to leave at a certain point, only to literally ran back to dance to Deee-lite. Hats off, Mr. Murphy!

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