A Dozen of Our Favorite Posts and Stories of 2012

Nick Rallo
3:11 p.m. at Untapped Festival
A Drunken Dispatch From Untapped Festival
Nick Rallo got increasingly drunk at September's Untapped beer festival in Trinity Groves and chronicled his musings, along with his blood alcohol level:

3:11 p.m.- Avery's beer booth had no line, which is mildly criminal. Got the IPA. In front of Zhora, the crowd is doing that thing where they stand a solid ten yards form the stage, myself included. Except for the one tie-dyed shirt guy who's dancing like he's the only human on the planet. There's also a guy sitting in a plastic chair. Blood alcohol level: 13.5%

3:16 p.m. - Sarah Jaffe sighting. Man, she's dressed all cool. My clothes aren't that cool. I'm dressed like balding Michael Cera.

How To (Re)Start a Record Collection
Deb Doing Dallas penned this thoughtful piece about a broken record player, which was followed up by Audra Schroeder's piece on starting over after being robbed.

Rachel Watts
Fart Dog and Pee Pee Cat have seen you pee at Rubber Gloves
The Long, Strange Tale of Fart Dog and Pee Pee Cat
After an extended, Looney Tunes-esque chase scene complete with an oversized mallet and net, clubs editor Rachel Watts finally got her hands on those wascally varmints known to the club bathrooms of Denton, Fort Worth and beyond as Fart Dog and Pee Pee Cat.

The Story of Denton Musician Richard Haskins
Former Observer music intern Brian Rash wrote this heartfelt piece on his friend Richard Haskins, a Denton musician who attempted to rob a bank earlier this month. After the story ran, many commented on the fact that Austin has the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, an organization that helps musicians without access to insurance or mental health care. Perhaps it's time for DFW to start talking about why we don't have something comparable, and how that can be rectified.

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