The Crowd Surfing of Unsilent Night 2012

All photos by Mike Brooks
If there isn't a passage in some physics textbook that uses crowd surfing as a metaphor for chaos theory, then physicists are missing out on a perfect lesson. So many disciplines can applied in the dynamic system: inertia, gravity and ass support.

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All were essential at Saturday's Unsilent Night, which is not a horror film featuring an eyeless, homicidal Santa Claus. Nay, Unsilent Night is a music festival! There were three stages that carried the names Zombie Party Stage, Plug Your Holes Stage and Gangfeather Clothing "On the Rise " Stage (naturally), which supported bands all day at Fair Park, ending with headliners Glass Jaw, Big Chocolate and Lydia.

Which is where our roving, indefatigable photographer Mike Brooks made his home. Among a crowd of fuzzy animal hats and jeans made of handcuffs, Mike Brooks snapped some killer crowd surfing shots.

All photos by Mike Brooks





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