The Winners of the 2012 Dallas Observer Music Awards Are...

Jason Janik
A.Dd+ and DJ Sober
Best Group Act

Best Song
"Wait For Us," Mind Spiders

Best Solo Act
Sarah Jaffe

Best Album
Sarah Jaffe, The Body Wins

Best New Act
Blackstone Rangers

Best Blues Act
Jason Elmore

Best Country Act
Somebody's Darling

Best Americana/Roots Act
The O's

Best Electronic Act

Best Experimental Act
New Fumes

Best Punk Act
Mind Spiders

Best Hardcore Act
Power Trip

Best Metal Act
Pinkish Black

Best Rock Act
The Breakfast Machine

Best Pop Act
Burning Hotels

Best Folk Act
Hares on the Mountain

Best Funk/R&B Act
The Cannabinoids

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act

Best Jazz Act
Yells At Eels

Best DJ

Best Mixtape
Leon the Professional, B(EAST)

Best Latin Act
Mariachi Los Unicos de Greiner

Best None of the Above
My Wooden Leg

Best Male Vocalist
Daniel Hart

Best Female Vocalist
Sarah Jaffe

Best Instrumentalist
Petra Kelly, Hares on the Mountain

Best Cover Band
The Gorehounds

Best Label
Good Recordings

Best Producer
Salim Nourallah

Best Venue
The Granada Theater

Best Talent Buyer
Parade of Flesh

Best Record Store
Good Records

Best Radio Show
The Paul Slavens Show, KKXT-FM 91.7

Best Festival
35 Denton

Best New Venue
The Foundry

Best Video
Sarah Jaffe, "Glorified High"

Best Poster Artist/Screenprinter
Magnificent Beard

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Is this A.Dd+ stuff a joke? WTF? Seriously bad, high hats everywhere, sounds like it was made on a casio keyboard. The Dallas music scene truly is a joke if this is the best they can put forward. Wow.


This is why Dallas' music scene is considered a joke to everyone else


Surprise the same winners ever year.. how boring


this year congleton recorded st vincent/david byrne, amanda palmer, baroness..

salim recorded what, sea lion?




What? No best Guitarist? This whole thing is a SHAM!!!! Fuck it!


Congrats to Somebody's Darling!  They are an awesome band.  But how can they win best country band??? They aren't a country band? At all.  They don't even play at country venues.  This shows you how out of touch the Dallas Observer is with the local music scene.  I know each and every member in the band and they said that they don't even know why they were nominated for this award.  or pardon me...nominated again!!  So dumb.  I believe they really won, but they should be nominated in another category.  So should a couple of the other nominees.  But that ones sticks out the most. 


 @wow.. Definitely. Congleton is clearly the best producer.


 @chrisjeffers12 Somebody's Darling winning Best Country Band just shows that they're versatile - they can reach listeners in multiple audiences, good for them!! AND for the record The Dallas Observer does not select the nominees nor what categories they are nominated under, that is all done by local heads in the Dallas music community such as venue owners, promoters, and booking agents. Had a blast last night, Thank you Observer!!


 @chrisjeffers12 I saw them at the country music festival Texas Music Revolution put on by Texas country station KHYI The somebody thinks they're at least a little bit country.

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