A Polaroid Journey Through the 2012 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase

All photos by Daniel Rodrigue
Track Meet in action
Following the Polawalk in Fort Worth on Saturday, armed with three different analog instant film cameras, I set out to document some of my favorite performances, people and moments of the 2012 Dallas Observer music awards showcase. The shots with an orangey-yellow hue were shot using a Polaroid Spectra SE camera loaded with Polaroid Softtone film that expired in October 2009.

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According to The Impossible Project, the film was produced in 2008 during the final production run and refrigerated since the date it rolled off the assembly line, making it the last original Polaroid instant film still available. The shots with the color frames were from a Polaroid SLR 680, loaded with PX 680 Color Shade Color Block Rainbow Pack from The Impossible Project, and the double exposures were with a Polaroid 180 using Fuji 100c film.


X'zavier LA'monz Edwards of Brain Gang

Danny Rush & the Designated Drivers

Taylor Rea of Zhora

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Wow @Churtle_VonSchlerp , someone woke up a jerk without a clue. You can have an opinion without being an ass. BTW lots of artist have used instant film to make awesome work for decades. Robert Mapplethorpe. Andy Warhol. Chuck Close...just to name a few giants and theres many more.


Hey @DanielRodrigue , nice work man. I like seeing live music covered with instant film. Also you should check out Lauren McClure's (laurenmcclure.blogspot.com) stuff. She's always running around dallas and shows with the cool old cameras and polaroids. She use to do a lot of polaroid camera reviews on her blog too.


I thought Polaroid stopped making film.



Yeah, these kind of suck. Not even in the tryhard, Instagram kind of sucking manner. They're just bad. Poor focus, blurry subjects, and ugly color shifts do not an artistic photo make. Sorry, dude. Leave this stupid horseshit to GvB.


 @Churtle_VonSchlerp Sorry you feel that way. I'm fond of many of these images, and their analog abnormalities AKA "ugly color shifts." That's why folks still shoot film. And most of these shots were captured on film that expired in 2008/2009.


Tell you what, Churtle, I'll bring along a camera tonight to the award show. Track me down, and I'll let you try a shot or two and see how well you do.

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