Last-Minute Giveaway: Tickets to Tonight's White Denim Show at Lola's

White Denim, looking for their bass player's shirt
Update, 2:45pm: Congrats to Jessica Mejia, who won the tickets to tonight's show!

We clocked this Bonnaroo365 gig with White Denim and Maps & Atlases on our list of the best shows this weekend, but Spune has been nice enough to offer up a pair of last-minute tickets to tonight's show at Lola's, which also promises a "special guest."

Hit us up here if you want them, or leave your name and email in the comments, and we'll announce a winner by 2pm. Good luck!

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DC9 at Night
DC9 at Night

Congrats to Jessica Mejia, who won tickets to the show!


Hey, I'd go see that one, for sure. And, guess what? I'm in need of an event to attend this very evening. Chance? I think not....

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