This Is Not a Love Song: Thoughts on Fun Fun Fun Fest 7

Audra Schroeder
Japandroids and fans
Sunday, the day we historically start losing the charge on our festival battery, was full of little surprises, like the dense mid-day pulse of Canadian synth duo Trust, and NOLA bounce artist Nicky Da B. Japandroids confirmed that they have fans that know the words to every song, their set loud and fast, though it may have fared better away from the expansive Black Stage. Underwhelming trade-off of the night: Rakim being replaced by Omar Rodrigez-Lopez.

As evening came on Sunday and clouds of dust hung over the park, that feeling that we're all in the same story within a story hit. We were all extras, wearing bandanas and scarves to ward off the dust, along with our favorite band's t-shirts. We were all documenting the document, in one way or another, even if we won't remember the performances a few months from now. We all want to be part of the final cut, which is why that collective desire for some sort of mark that won't wash off easily -- whether a bruise or a hand stamp -- is important to the story.

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