Eight Heavy Metal Costumes for Halloween

Roderick Pullum
So you want to be a rock star, but you haven't been able to convince your partner to let you strip off the Polo long enough to slip into coolness. Thankfully, Halloween is just around the corner. It's the perfect time of year to lose the tie and slip on the dog collar.

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The Demon's KISS Attorney Adult Costume (above)
There's nothing that screams heavy metal more than this demonic outfit lifted from The Devil's Advocate. It's Gene Simmons' attorney circa 2010 when the God of Thunder's 12-inch bloody tongue struck a female fan. The attorney is one part Keanu Reeves, two parts Al Pacino, and promises to rock your defendant's world.

Metal factor: 10

Roderick Pullum
Jack Sparrow's Living Dead Girl Adult Costume
One of the sexiest costumes to steal this holiday season. It simply requires a black wig and an inflatable Johnny Depp doll. You'll be the envy of pirate lovers and politicians everywhere

Metal factor: 13

Roderick Pullum
Deluxe Illegitimate Son of Satan Mask
Satan... Did someone say "Satan"? Jesus, it wouldn't be a party without an appearance from one of the dark lord of the abyss' bastard children, and who better to replicate in rubber than Huey, the not-so-brilliant middle child?

Metal factor: 7

Roger Caldwell
Aging Paul Stanley Mask
If you're wanting to let your inner star shine, what better way than with this aging beauty? You'll be a hit with elderly women and the envy of aging rockers everywhere.

Metal factor: 5

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