The Seven Sexiest Guitars

If there's one thing that starts a guitarist's heart thumping, it's the heat from the fretboard as his or her fingers slide across the strings. It's a sordid love affair that leaves fans screaming for more, and the guitarist's soul longing for more.

In fact, B.B. King loved his $30 guitar so much that he ran into a burning building to save her. Stevie Ray Vaughan was so in love with his Fender Strat he just kept adding pieces of used bass guitars, turning his beloved into a musical monstrosity.

To honor this musical love affair, I've compiled a list of the seven sexiest guitars.

ESP KH-2 Ouija Kirk Hammett Signature Model Electric Guitar (see above)
This solid body guitar is bound to help you harness the spirits of rock. Her Floyd Rose original bridge and two EMG pickups allow you to feel her pulse as you run the pick across her strings. Her Rosewood fingerboard with skull and bones inlays promises a night of death grinding.

The Dimebag Razorback Explosion
Straight from the mind of Dimebag Darrell, one of the greatest shredders, this Mahogany V Neck beauty will grip your loins and take your muse into the nine levels of hell.

Gibson Silverburst.jpg
Gibson Custom Limited-Edition Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Silverburst
Looking at this American beauty makes my legs shake and my fingers ache. Her curves, her silver finish, her chrome... she's the fuckin' Harley Davidson of electric guitars.

rachel parker.jpg
Rachel Parker
BC Rich Kerry King Metal Master Series Electric Guitar
Dust off that spell book and prepare to delve into the world of Slayer's Mr. Kerry King. This dreamweaver will cast a spell on you as soon as you touch her sharp-angled body. As you run your fingers down the neck, crushing riffs will pound your audience into thrash metal oblivion.

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@Dallas_Observer can't believe I didn't make the list.


@Dallas_Observer @dc9atnight blah to most of those choices

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