Here's The Lineup For The 2012 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase

The Phuss, one of 60+ bands vying for your attention on November 10. Photo by Mike Brooks.
In the past few weeks, we've been getting you familiar with some of our Dallas Observer Music Awards nominees, and nudging you to vote daily, all leading up to our November 10 showcase, which is currently packing 60+ acts across eight stages in Deep Ellum.

We've got the lineups, venues and times below, and encourage you to be a human pinball on this night, in an effort to get to see as much talent as you possibly can. Consider it a test of endurance.

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Reno's Inside - 210 N Crowdus Street
6:20 Ducado Vega
7:20 The Tidbits
8:20 Big Fiction
9:20 Cutter
10:20 The Atomic Tanlines
11:20 Somebody's Darling
12:20 Zhora
1:20 The Roomsounds

Club Dada Inside - 2720 Elm Street
5:40 Sarah Sellers
6:40 Clint Niosi
7:40 Home by Hovercraft
8:40 Ronnie Fauss
9:40 Mora Collective
10:40 Blackstone Rangers
11:40 Michael Donner & the Southern Renaissance
12:40 The Colurs

Trees Inside - 2709 Elm Street
5:40 Summer of Glaciers
6:40 Pinkish Black
7:40 Blixaboy
8:40 Dustin Cavazos
9:40 Telegraph Canyon Mystery Skulls
10:40 The Phuss
11:40 A.Dd+
12:40 Daniel Hart

Trees Outside - 2709 Elm Street
6:00 Yeahdef
7:00 Tape Mastah Steph
8:00 Track Meet
9:00 Wanz Dover
10:00 DJ Sober

Club Dada Outside - 2720 Elm Street
6:00 The Rich Girls
7:00 John Singer Sergeant
8:00 Brain Gang Blue
9:00 Hunter Hendrickson
10:00 The Blurries
11:00 Mariachi Quetzal
12:00 Oil Boom
1:00 Snow Tha Product

The Prophet Bar - 2548 Elm Street
6:00 Joseph SoMo
7:00 Year of the Bear
8:00 My Wooden Leg
9:00 Datahowler
10:00 Playdough
11:00 Nervous Curtains
12:00 Quaker City Night Hawks
1:00 Tum Tum

Reno's Outside - 210 N Crowdus Street
6:00 Vanessa Peters
7:00 The Gorehounds
8:00 The O's
9:00 Salim Nourallah & Treefort 5
10:00 Danny Rush & the Designated Drivers
11:00 Wild//Tribe
12:00 J. Charles and the Trainrobbers
1:00 War Party

LaGrange - 2704 Elm Street
6:20 Black Market Pharmacy
7:20 The Breakfast Machine
8:20 Jessie Frye
9:20 Bad Design
10:20 Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things
11:20 Mohicans
12:20 Diamond Age
1:20 Vulgar Fashion

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Nothing that I haven't seen already really grabs me here, except for Nervous Curtains, who always seem to elude me. In fact, I think I will be able to navigate the whole night without making any "hard decisions."


My recs: Oil Boom, Home by Hovercraft, A.Dd+, Blackstone Rangers, Ducado Vega, and Mystery Skulls.

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