The 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher Breakdown

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TI and the Grand Hustle Cypher
In the last couple of years, the BET Hip-Hop Awards have proven to be the most ironic awards show on television. There's little to no merit in an artist actually taking home an award anymore, unless you get the I Am Hip Hop lifetime achievement honor. The most important accolade an artist can really hope to achieve on this night is a successful outing in the annual freestyle cyphers.

Each year, the network curates groups of emcees based on affiliation, talent level, or hype level, and has them freestyle over DJ Premier. The cyphers are the only place in the entire BET media empire where lyrical skill is valued over money and major labels. When the awards originated in 2006, they produced three small cyphers to use as commercial break bumpers. Since 2010, they've increased to six to seven per year, including about 30 different emcees from various sub-genres and lanes. The performances of the BET Hip-Hop Awards now actually outweigh the amount of airtime dedicated to the award-giving itself, making the annual cyphers the equivalent of the rap Super Bowl. If you didn't tune in last night, here's what you missed.

Grand Hustle: Trae Tha Truth, Chip, Iggy Azalea, B.O.B., and TI
In their first cypher together, Grand Hustle made out pretty well. Starting off with a sick opening sixteen bars, Houston's own Trae Tha Truth rocked an "I'm from Texas" shirt in his first BET cypher appearance. And it's about damn time. British newcomer Chip had a good first outing as well, proving there's definitely a place for a Londoner in the Dirty South. While it wasn't the worst I've seen, Iggy Azalea's performance left much to be desired, especially compared to the some of the females we'd hear later in the night. B.O.B. did better than last year, and TI closed out the first round of the night, bookending Grand Hustle's set with it's most impressive performances. Grade: B

The Raw: Sprite Hot 16 contest winner Jaybird The Purdi Boi, Hopsin, Schoolboy Q, Mac Miller, Mystikal
I hate to be the one to hate on the contest winner, but that really didn't do much for me. Hopsin didn't disappoint, spitting horror rap imagery in a Beavis and Butthead shirt, wearing crazy Halloween contacts. Schoolboy shouted out Kendrick Lamar's upcoming album release on a solid 16 where he described smoking out the devil, and his concerns with Mitt Romney. Mac Miller, who's in town this Friday, brought some effective wordplay and this round's best punchline with, "I'm sorry that's just extra there/ I'm going crazy like Clint Eastwood in an empty chair." But there's no debate that Mystikal saved this overall lukewarm round. The New Orleans screamer popped in to remind us that things just ain't been the same since his hiatus from the rap game. Grade: B-

The True School: Jean Grae, Sarkodie, Ab Soul, Talib Kweli
Cape Town native and New York veteran Jean Grae started off with, "It's 2012, stop saying 'femcee'/ It's not a word/I hop the curb and hit you with my 10 speed," and served sixteen bars of straight truth. Ghana's Sarkodie kind of lost me in the middle of his verse, possibly due to subtitling disconnect. Ab Soul came strong, spitting, "They finally let the nerd with the swag in/I was playing the background like an ad lib/But now I'm greedy like a fat kid," and warned us that we won't be hearing the last of him anytime soon. Talib seriously slayed, with each line better than the last, closing out the round with, "I stay open cause I'm better with words/I'm Frank Ocean at a Chik-Fil-A/I'll never get served," possibly the best punchline of the whole night. Grade: B+

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Damn V, this article is the bomb. I love how detailed your reviews are. Awesome job!


@DC9AtNight Good to see you guys cover this, and a really nice job done by the writer.


jean graes shaky delivery was'nt quite good compared to cassidy's which u described as flat, but it wasnt mentioned and how was  mook verse decent and asap rocky's verse nice. he was more creative he had more wordplay. what were u watching. 


I wouldn't call Jean's delivery shaky. She doesn't really ride the beat, her style is kind of erratic, and her delivery is usually all over the place. I felt like Mook tried to give us 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag. It was by no means a bad outing, but didn't quite hit the mark for me. And I didn't even really critique Rocky's verse, I said the crowd love him. Thanks for reading!


@pronailprincesa @DC9AtNight @REALchrisdavis Yeah that was a really dope article. Damn.

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