Madonna Cancels October 20 Show in Dallas; Sunday's Show is Still On

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Word's in from Live Nation: Madonna is officially canceling tonight's show at the American Airlines Center due to "severe laryngitis." The release goes on to say that Madonna must be on "complete vocal rest" for the next 36 hours. The stops in Dallas are part of an enormous, seven-month tour that began in Europe and ending in South America.

As of right now, Sunday's (October 21st) show at the AAC is scheduled to go on. We'll be along for updates if there's developments on that one. Tonight's tickets will be refunded (online tickets should be refunded directly), says the release.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Laryngitis.  The usual excuse to cancel when only a few tickets are sold.

Melissa Howell
Melissa Howell

I had no idea Madonna was even in town. In fact, after watching her incredibly awkward "dancing" at the Super Bowl, I assumed she had gone into hiding.

Aaron Watterson
Aaron Watterson

Why doesnt the Dallas Observer report on this government openly working with Al Qaeda??? The same very Al Qaeda that was created back in the early 70's as a "plan" to deal with Russia?? The very same Al Qaeda that we have had to give up our rights for...But A cancellation of this show is worth writing a story over?? Wake up people!!! We are being distracted and fooled!!!


@mantan20 so far we are ok. We are Sunday.

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