Bryan Street Tavern's Big Fucking Anniversary Party - 10/6/12

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Danny Hurley
Turbo Fruits
Bryan Street Tavern's Big Fucking Anniversary Party
Bryan Street Tavern
Saturday, October 6

For what was billed the "big fucking anniversary party" at Bryan Street Tavern on Saturday, a host of local acts, mixed in with a handful of bands from Tennessee and Brooklyn, had the attention of plenty as the afternoon turned into the night. With one outdoor stage on the back patio, as well as the usual indoor stage, there was a steady stream of music sans lag time.

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The Black Dotz, despite having troubles with the rented outdoor sound system, got things off right with their punk-tinged R&B sting. With an early set time of 4:30p.m., there was already a decent crowd watching them as frontman Wanz Dover screamed his head off while on his knees. Austin's Rayon Beach and Dallas' The O's followed, and Nashville's Turbo Fruits ripped things up. In a set filled with technical difficulties (strings breaking, microphone issues), they ruled with a tight grip.

Locals Hormones gave a decent set of crusty new wave, but it was Knoxville's Royal Bangs who played one of the best sets of the night. A sonic powder keg of emotion, the four-piece never faltered in their riotous set. Following them was the garage rock of Those Darlins. With the patio at near capacity (and plenty of heat lamps), people certainly didn't walk away disappointed.

Random note: Best time-killer during technical difficulties with the microphones? A guitar solo played on the teeth during Turbo Fruits' set.

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