The Dallas Fun Fun Fun Fest Scavenger Hunt Winners Are...

Christian McPhate
The Raving Lunatics in the john
Late last month, Fun Fun Fun Fest hosted its Texas-wide scavenger hunts, in which teams checked off a list of "challenges" in order to win passes to the November festival. In Dallas, our intrepid intern Christian followed some Raving Lunatics around, as they dutifully got their nipples pierced and helped old ladies across the street.

Looks like we picked the right team to tag along with, as it was announced today that the Raving Lunatics secured first place. See below for the rest of the winners.

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1st Place (Fun Fun Fun Fest VIP 3-day pass) - Raving Lunatics

2nd Place (Fun Fun Fun Fest 3-day pass) - RAWKPARTEE

3rd Place (Fun Fun Fun Fest 1-day pass) - Derp a Derp

4th Place (Fun Fun Fun Fest 1-day pass) - Mr. Greenville Ave (single-day pass)

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