The Nine Best and Funniest Moments from Saturday at ACL 2012

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Photos by Marco Torres
Rufus Wainwright
The return of terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad rain made Saturday a muddy but fun mess. Thankfully, the downpours didn't dampen the spirits of the crowd on day two of ACL, but it did seem to thin out the herds. Aside from remembering how to walk in inches-deep goop like we did back at the Dillo-Dirted 2009 edition of the festival, the music and sights were as hilarious and hellacious as expected.


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1. Rufus Wainwright's Voice
Whether tackling his own new gospel-tinged work, or a Judy Garland tune, the sounds that comes from Rufus Wainwright's mouth hole are vastly-underrated. The man has haunting, sturdy pipes that should be heard by all. Come on guys, he's been doing this for twenty years now, get into it. CRAIG HLAVATY

2. More With Rufus
Looking like the 21st-century iteration of Elton John, Wainwright's set ran the gamut from his latest album Out of the Game to his more Broadway-esque numbers, including a Judy Garland song, which he dedicated to Garland's daughter Liza Minnelli. "She's not very happy about me doing Judy Garland," he said. "So I've renamed this song 'The Bitch That Got Away.'"

He also did a song by father Loudon Wainwright, but there's no coattail-riding here, since Rufus' style is so damn unique. On Friday, while I was watching Florence + the Machine, I thought to myself that bands like hers don't exactly work well in a festival setting. I was worried Wainwright would be the same. But he owned the crowd, and his lush and unique voice more than filled up his side of the park. Houstonians should definitely make the time to see him Monday at Bayou Music Center. BRITTANIE SHEY

3. Father John Misty's Sass & Brass
Battling the sound bleed from Big KRIT's stage was daunting at first for Josh Tillman of Father John Misty, but a few chugs from a bottle of Tito's and a helpful soundman made the group shine over KRIT's metallic rap. The two tastes together -- party rap and languid folk bump -- weren't so bad though. The Austin Ventures crowd, and few hundred ladies, fell in love with Tillman's lanky stage persona within two cuts. CRAIG HLAVATY

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