12 of This Weekend's Best Shows, Starring Triple Play, BrewFest, Mission of Burma and More

Cody Canada and the Departed: Kicking their red dirt all over the Arts District

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Triple Play: The Relatives, Pleasant Grove, Seryn
Friday, September 14, at Dallas City Performance Hall
Triple Play -- in which KXT, the Observer and the Kessler Theater curate a three-band bill -- was rolled out over a few months this past spring. This very special installment features the Relatives, Pleasant Grove and Seryn, and will take place at the grand opening of the Dallas City Performance Hall. We're even giving tickets away, so chop chop.

Saturday, September 15, in the Arts District
This show is part of the Observer-sponsored BrewFest, during which people will sample a zillion different beers. Cody Canada and Kirby Brown add to the sudsy, hiccup-y fun.
Twin Shadow
Thursday, September 13, at Trees
Check out our interview with buzzband superpower. New Fumes opens. 

Saint Vitus, FTW, Garuda
Thursday, September 13, at Lola's Saloon
Doom metal originators take to Fort Worth.
Mission of Burma

Asleep At The Wheel
Friday, September 14, at The Kessler Theater
For more than 40 years, Austin's Asleep At The Wheel has been making the same highly respected and refined country music. Check out this intimate performance at The Kessler.

Friday, September 14, at Dan's Silverleaf
The first time I heard "That's When I Reach For My Revolver," it was Moby covering the Mission of Burma song over the speakers of Mesquite's CD Warehouse, where I worked. CD Warehouse is gone, and so is Moby (pretty much), but Mission of Burma is putting out some of their best records yet.

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