Adam Ant - Granada Theater - 9/21/12

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Adam Ant via Instagram
Adam Ant
Granada Theater
Friday, September 21

Red lights flooded the stage of the Granada Theater as Adam Ant's band played an interlude on Friday night. The anticipation from the sold-out crowd was high, as shrieks, cheers, whistling and applause washed over the band's introduction. As scheduled, Ant took to the stage at 9:20 p.m., grabbed the mic (still in the stand) and broke into "Plastic Surgery."

Adorned in black skinny jeans, knee-high boots, a velvet doublet-jacket, feathered pirate hat and black-rimmed glasses, Ant looked like a kitschy version of himself, but it worked. In fact, many members of the crowd were sporting Ant-inspired attire, from feathers to full-on pirate costumes.

Ant seamlessly transitioned from song to song, covering a bit of everything from throughout his 35-year career, all the while swirling, kicking, punching and, at times, playing the guitar. Obvious high points were "Kings of the Wild Frontier," "Goody Two Shoes" and "Vive Le Rock." Ant played a 23-song opening set, returning for a five-song encore, which included a cover of T. Rex's "Get It On," "Prince Charming" and ended with "Physical."

Dallas glam rock band the Justin Kipker Show opened, and clearly channeled the headliner, decked out in campy attire, projecting dark and fanciful imagery on both sides of the stage. They too threw in a T. Rex cover, closing with "20th Century Boy."

Overheard: Guy at upstairs balcony bar to "Wolfie" from the Justin Kipker Show:

"Did you even know who Adam Ant was [before this]?"

Wolfie: "Oh fuck yeah man, we've been accused of stealing his style."

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show was fantastic!!!! Finally got to see AA live after all these years WOO HOO


@robfossey Envy thy name is Robert. Wish I was there. two shows I made it to where amazing im plannng on catching up next month #AdamAnt


We've been so lucky in UK @robertmbravo I've seen him 6 times over the past 2 years with 2 in November Great ANTertainment #AdamAnt


@robfossey With the up coming album released in January Im hoping he will be making a return to my side of the pond.

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