Six Korean Pop Artists To Watch After "Gangnam Style"

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Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls has been periodically cross-marketed to the U.S since 2009. They opened for the Jonas Brothers on their 2009 world tour and appeared on the roster for Disney's Jonas Records imprint, alongside Dallas' own Demi Lovato.The group also performed two years ago at House of Blues.

As the most successful female solo artist in South Korea. BoA's brand is aggressively marketed outside Korea by releasing different albums exclusively to labels in Japan, China and America. She sings in their market's language, too. Weezer covered her track "Meri Kuri" for the Japanese release of their Red Album in 2008. It's the most consequential thing Weezer did in recent years.

Super Junior

Super Junior
If you thought keeping track of the nine members of Girls' Generation was disorienting, K-pop boy band Super Junior had thirteen guys at one point and field ten today. The Super Junior brand includes sub-groups like Super Junior-T and Super Junior-M.



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@Dallas_Observer only complaint is why isn't Super Junior first?

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