Here's What Happened During the Fun Fun Fun Fest Scavenger Hunt

6:45 - Found old, homeless woman. "She'll do," says Inmate 66247, attempting to help her cross the road. She stops several times to pick up cigarette butts, to the prisoner's dismay.

The helping of an old lady across the street
6:55 - Kung Fu fighting at Lulu B's.

7:00 - Lost in Deep Ellum.

7:35 - Entering Taboo Tattoo for Inmate 66247's nipple piercing. We receive an update that two teams consumed too much alcohol and dropped out of the hunt. Only four teams left. Inmate 66247 smiles.

7:45 - Inmate 66247 shaves his chest hair to resemble a mohawk. Sheriff Red shaves the letters "FFF" into his chest hair.

8:00 - Nipple piercing. Ouch.

8:15 - Vomiting water in front of 7-11, while the store clerk screams, "You no drink water here. Me call the police." Inmate 66247 smiles and continues to chug the gallon jug. He's determined to win this competition, no matter the cost.

8:45 - Sheriff Red helps a very water drunk Inmate out of the car. They meet up with the other team members and paint each others faces, take a picture for proof and then paint Inmate's face blue outside of Bryan Street Tavern.

9:00 - Finish line. Finally. Cool air. Cold drinks. Good music. Heaven.

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 @janerleblanc The Raving Lunatics, of course. I felt like I'd ran a marathon with them. I wonder if I can get them to sneak me into the concert... 

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