Five Denton Bands You Should Get To Know

What began as a three-piece psych band so loud they were getting the cops called on them at every practice quickly became a self-labeled "tribal doom funk" band after meeting synth connoisseur John Vogt at a Valentine's Day house show on Panhandle Street in Denton. You could say it was love at first sight.The band led a well-attended performance at their shared home on Hemphill Street this past summer, with local band Bloodwitch.

"House shows are kind of our bread and butter," says bassist Michael Lind. "Our sound goes much better in small, confined, intimate spaces, so we try to do those as much as possible."
The band says they're currently trying to write more material, but not necessarily for a new album, since their songs stand alone.

Newborn Denton foursome Blessin' started out as Lewisville high school students not too long ago, before moving to college and forming the guitar-based pop band. The group is currently working on their first EP, which they hope to release later this year. The album will feature the song "I Still Like You," a dreamy tune that gets stuck in your head, and one of only two songs featured on their Bandcamp page. Alongside that song is "Lately," an ethereal combination of synth, guitar and distant, whispery vocals. If that seems vague, go see the band for yourself at their very first show on Friday, September 28, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios with local band The Demigs.

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Way to Blessin' so proud of you all! Love your songs that have heard! Keep making more! Tara Ulery Le Grand,Ia

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