Fiona Apple Arrested In West Texas For Hash Possession

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by Craig Hlavaty

Sierra Blanca, Texas -- that wonderful city in far West Texas that loves to pinch leaf-loving musicians like Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg Lion -- has claimed another trophy, arresting singer Fiona Apple Wednesday night for hash possession.

According to TMZ, the singer-songwriter was arrested for possession on her tour bus.

Apple is due to play Austin's ACL Live tonight, and Houston's Bayou Music Center Friday (as well as Oklahoma's Winstar Casino on Saturday). Both shows have been highly anticipated by fans, some of whom have never seen Apple live.

No word yet from either Apple's camp or Live Nation on whether those or any shows have been postponed or canceled , but we will keep you all posted.

We're excited about seeing her too. New album The Idler Wheel... is pretty awesome

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Saw her mugshot on the news this a.m.


Hers is way purtier than Willie's.


What a joy, traveling in the "way back machine". There's a lot of things we can't accomplish in Texas, but we can definitely put people away for smoking grass.


Which is cheaper take the bus on the northern route or pay the fine at Sierra Blanca? Just enough of I-10 to scoop up any wandering musician. Payday! Gonna get that new cruiser now!


@Pushermania are you a fan yet?

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