Dallas' Best Radio Station: Our Editor Debates The Ticket vs. KXT

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Dylan Hollingsworth
Sarah Jaffe, thinking about stabbing Joe Tone in the leg
In conjunction with our annual Best of Dallas issue, which hits the streets and the interstreets today, we held debates for several awards, including Best Burger. Mostly these were debates between two writers; in this case, I transcribed an ongoing internal struggle.

Joe: The Ticket? Really, dude?
Joe: It's great radio.
Joe: No, it's not. It's sophomoric. It's like shoving a rolled up issue of Maxim into your ears.
Joe: Totally. But here's the thing about the professionally sophomoric: They're good at radio. (See ex. Stern, Howard.)
Joe: And what makes these sophomores good? Certainly not their sports insight, since they're the only sports-talk station in America that NEVER TALKS ABOUT SPORTS.
Joe: This is sports culture. It's a sports-based point of view. And it's funny. Bits. Characters. Call backs. It's like the Catskills, with slightly fewer Jews and slightly more casual racism. They also play zero "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. So that's nice.
Joe: That's a low blow. KXT hardly ever plays "Fast Car." Nine times a week, tops.
Joe: They'd play it more but they have to leave room for the Dave Matthews Band.

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Joe: OK, yes, they throw in some clunkers, for reasons that baffle scientists to this day. But they also play some undeniably great tunes, new and old. And since it's listener-supported, the hosts aren't reduced to shilling for products they'd never use.
Joe: That is nice. The Ticket guys have to do It's Just Lunch ads. It's Just Annoying.
Joe: Exactly. Plus, KXT has introduced me to a ton of music I otherwise wouldn't have heard, including local stuff. Fate Lions. Air Review. Sarah Jaffe.
Joe: Ooh, Sarah Jaffe. She's hot, in a she-might-stab-you-in-the-leg sort of way.
Joe: Jeez, you really are a P1.
Joe: Nah, not quite. I switch to KXT now and then. I switch back about 20 minutes later, whenever the ants start marching.
Joe: Good call.

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@joeptone @adamatorium I'm with Adam on this one. I think.


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...did I really just read this article?  Jesus...


It's a chicken/egg thing. They're both great. They're both Dallas fixtures. But they serve (obviously) two different purposes. For me, it's The Ticket during the week, KXT on weekends and at night. My life would be dminished by the loss of either. And, yes, I know just how pathetic that sounds.


And just to throw a little more gasoline on the fire: Fake Steve Busby = newest memeber of theTop 10 Characters of All Time. And Model-Airpane Mickey makes the Top 25 at least.


@timmytyper @joeptone Compliment intended. I think.


New typo record. I'm ashamed to call myself a Public Radio listener. However, I think it may make me "P1 of the Week".

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