The Five Best Slobberbone Songs

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We've decided it was time to make a list of the five best from Brent Best and crew. Please feel free to chime in with your own selections.

1. "Barrel Chested"

Hell, if the song was good enough to be included in the top 100 songs from Texas, it may as well be number uno here. Classic riff, cool lyrics and even some fine fiddling, this is alt-country, hayseed Nirvana (the destination, not the band).

2. "Give Me Back My Dog"
When I first heard this song, I thought it was pretty funny, but later I started to feel for the guy who just wanted his pooch back from his conniving former girlfriend.

3. "Whiskey Glass Eye"
The best song Paul Westerberg didn't write, this was my entry into the greatness of Slobberbone. Again, spurred on by a killer riff, Best sung like his life depended on it. Maybe it did.

4. "Trust Jesus"
A gem, a paean to a religiously inspired graffiti artist. What a wonderfully warped mind Brent Best has.

5. "I Can Tell Your Love is Waning"
The toughest song in the band's catalog. "Like being caught behind a cattle truck and all you smell is shit" is how Best describes this particular relationship. I guess things could only get better.

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1. Gumdrop

2. Lumberlung

3. 16 Days 

4. I''ll Be Damned

5. I Can Tell Your Love is Waning


First Slobberbone song I ever heard...Give Me Back My Dog on a pirate radio show in Illinois.


1)      Haze of Drink

2)      I Can Tell Your Love is Waning

3)      Barrel Chested

4)      I’ll be damned

5)      Whiskey Glass Eye



How about: "We ask the five people who give a shit what their favorite Slobberbone song  is" instead?


@movinondown oh no, not you again. the evil, pessimistic hater of everything. well, since this post has already generated over 100 facebook "likes," there must be more than five people who give a shit. come out tonight and see why.


Bright Eyes Darkened, Billy Pritchard, Get Gone Again, One Rung, Sweetness, Sober Song, 16 Days... what a tough list to make! 


@dbtjenn Bright Eyes was the last song I cut off. It was #6. That is a hell of a song. I really thought that album was going to break the band big.


 @darrylrs   Me too. I sure wish it had! Maybe if they ever finish the next one... Also, just ignore movinondown - it's gotta suck to be him.




"Find the Out" (things are still a mess, for sure when you're less in her eyes than before)

"Pinball Song" (under those blinking lights we opened a big old can of stink)

"I Can Tell Your Love Is Waning"

"I'll Be Damned"

Haze Of A Drink (title purposely altered for the guy at Dan's who kept calling for it) 



good list. find the out is the only song mentioned from "slippage." that should tell you something. i sure hope slobberbone make another album, bec ause "slippage" doesn't represent how great this band can be.

Chuy 1 Like

Limiting yourself to just five is an exercise in futility, but it's the effort that counts. At least I'll Be Damned, Placemat Blues or Lame have to be in that short list but hell if I know what I'd move out of your list to make that happen.

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