Smile Smile Are In Love With Foxy Shazam, The Ronettes

Andrew Ryan Shepherd
Smile Smile
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We've started poking around in locals' iTunes, iPods, Spotify playlists, CD players, cassette decks, turntables and brains with one question in mind: What are you listening to? We don't even care if it's good, we just want to know what the music community has been obsessing over, playing on repeat, picking apart, hating or turning people on to. Sometimes, these things even all happen at once.

Smile Smile celebrates the release of their excellent third album, Marry a Stranger, out next Tuesday on Kirtland Records, with a show Saturday at the Granada Theater. Until then, we demanded to know what they've been jamming in their ear.

Ryan Hamilton
Foxy Shazam. They're like Queen, David Bowie, Meatloaf and Iggy Pop had some mentally unstable love child, and I LOVE it! When you're purposely as over the top as Foxy Shazam, you have to be super talented to pull it off, and holy combination of unprintable curse words, do they pull it off.

The Ronettes
Jencey Hirunrusme
I've been keeping it old school lately. The Ronettes are a powerful '60s girl group from New York City. They were produced by Phil Spector (who later married their lead singer), so you can imagine the recording quality is amazing and there are so many quirky, intricate parts in their songs, like rain in the background.

I started researching girl groups as inspiration for my solo project and stumbled across songs like "Be My Baby", "Baby I Love You" and "Walking in the Rain." I love the tight harmonies, laid back melodies and that feeling like your falling in love.

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ryan, your comment here isn't douchey, however, the fact that you got up-in-arms enough about a guy calling you a douche bag to post about it on facebook and ask friends to "rip him a new asshole" IS. People having negative things to say about you is gonna happen, you're in a band, and you got press. People get jealous, or people assume that they know something that they don't, OR people simply aren't into your music and choose to see you in a bad light because of it.  The bad comes w/ the good, at least it's a response (which beats the hell out of nobody caring at all). You had a good opportunity to be the better man, and you blew it. This could have easily not mattered, and you gave this guy the one thing he/she probably wanted more than anything in the world.... attention. Just some perspective.

shaz.gti 1 Like

Let me just think about this for a minute....Ryan is awesome and one of the most genuine guys i've ever met and well Jaret.......he's just totally awesome and together they make some awesome why not make one hell of a band! i'm guessing you have zero talent and no interest in anyone trying to give the music scene something a little bit different! If I got to work with Jaret and BFS i'd sure be talking about it....Jaret is an inspiration, and he clearly brings out the best in Ryan (have you even listened to his music?) don't most artists have another artist who inspires them?

Every music taste is different but i'm thinking yours totally sucks!

This comment has been deleted

ClaireElaneW 1 Like

 @DavyCrockett Dude, who doesn't have a crush on the Bowling For Soup guys? You're an "enormous douche" if you don't. Ryan is the nicest guy in the world and I can't help but assume you're jealous of his enormous talent, causing that comment. 


 @DavyCrockett Wow that's a bit harsh - maybe somebody's a bit jealous.  I've met Ryan and haven't got a bad word to say about him!

This comment has been deleted


 @DavyCrockett you obviously have a personal beef with Ryan to go to the trouble to make a post like that. Jaret is one of Ryan's best friends...what is he supposed to do, NOT mention him? You are clearly jealous and threatened by him. 


 @DavyCrockett Ryan is a great person in his own right and one of the best friends anyone could ever wish for .... he is a million miles away from being a douche.  If you want a definition of a douche, maybe you should look in the mirror as only a douche would comment like this.


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