Last Night, Sharon Needles Made a Human Centipede With A-List Dallas' James Doyle

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Deb Doing Dallas
Sharon Needles, fiercest surgeon ever
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After the bizarro performance art of last night's RNC speeches, I think we all needed a palette cleanser. Thankfully, It'll Do brought in RuPaul's Drag Race winner Sharon Needles to christen Queen, their new Thursday drag party. She did a couple short sets, the last of which featured her in full surgeon attire. In the middle of the stage was her own real-life human centipede, and she sashayed around them to Britney Spears' "3," stopping every now and then to ask them "how they were doing."

"A human centipede, like a good rock band, needs a strong frontman," she said. And the frontman last night was A-List Dallas' James Doyle. Just a normal Thursday in East Dallas.

Deb Doing Dallas
James Doyle, A-List Centipede

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