Gas Stations Are The New Record Stores

Last night my wife pulled into a Racetrac gas station in South Grand Prairie. She had both of our boys with her, so she was a little nervous when a young man approached her while she filled up the gas tank.

I was working elsewhere, so she thought it would be productive to visit her parents on that side of town, but at this point she was on her own. As the sun was almost gone over South Arlington's hilly terrain, her senses heightened for just a moment.
Of course, he meant no harm. Actually, he assured her he was a good guy on the verge of stardom. He introduced himself as Juan G, reached into a cardboard box and pulled out a slim CD-R case, in which he and his partner Will Foe's debut EP, Past Due, was fastened.

He made a quick sales pitch, explaining that the first track, "Fallin 4 U," would soon be played on hip-hop radio stations all over. My wife handed over five bucks. Before Mr. G gave her the CD, he pulled out a black Sharpie marker and kindly autographed it for her.

This morning, just before I walked out the door to go to work, she mentioned that she bought a CD for me. I was a little confused when she handed me the disc of two unknown rappers. "I met this nice young man at a gas station last night, and I bought this CD from him," she explained. "I thought you might like it."

I kind of do, especially the track "Go Hard." But I don't like the music nearly as much as I admire Juan G's hustle.

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Great music! I love that Juan and Will are being recognized, they definitely deserve it. And it's always refreshing to hear about people who are proactive and go after their dreams instead of just sitting there waiting and hoping for it to be handed to them. Rooting for you guys!


Keep pushing lil homie the grind gone pay off....


Bought their album this week....HOT!!! Especially "Fallin 4 U" reminds me of my girlfriend n college...u guys keep doing ur thing can't wait to see u on TV!!!

stacyb214 1 Like

These guys music is epic and their great personalities will take them to the top!!!! #1 Fan Chozen Few

chozenfewmusiq 2 Like

Thanks for the support of u guys and for also doing a article on us we truly appreciate it!!! Be bless! -Juan G.

prissm.garcia 2 Like

I have this CD and love the music! Lots of admiration for someone who hustle like this.


"Of course he meant no harm"


Tell that to all the people who have been assaulted at gas stations.



 @keeponcarryinon i don't know a single person who's been assaulted at a gas station. do you?


 @eleventeen Well if you don't personally know someone it must not happen!


Anecdotally, yes I personally know of someone that was put in the hospital after he was attacked at a gas station for refusing to give someone money. We have many mutual friends but I can not recall his name. 


I tried to find the news report about it but since similar things happen so often-- I couldn't find it anymore! Searching for "dallas attacked gas station" doesn't narrow down much... you know... for something that never happens.


Gas stations are like the safest place you can be late at night! That's why do many of them have bullet proof glass in front of the clerk. 





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