Fang Island - Dada - 8/16/12

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Photo courtesy of Parade of Flesh
Fang Island
Fang Island, Adebisi Shank, Spacebeach
Thursday, August 16

It was West Nile aerial spraying night, so my wife warned me not to go out, but I was rewarded with one of the best shows of the year. As planes buzzed above, the band joked about the situation. "I guess we arrived just in time," said singer/guitarist Jason Bartell, before Fang Island launching into "Sideswiper," from their 2010 self-titled debut.

But for the majority of the evening, the band concentrated on material from Major, their recent sophomore effort, updating dinosaur rock in a way that is punk in concept, but detailed in execution.

Before Fang Island took the stage, the mosquito-protected masses were treated to not one, but two fine opening acts. Dallas' own Spacebeach put on a fine display of multi-textured metal/noise, and Ireland's Adebisi Shank got the crowd involved in some industrial strength torture that would do Dillinger Escape Plan proud. The planes are still buzzing above my house as I write this.

Personal bias: I am one of those people who say Big Star was the best band the masses never knew, but Fang Island could and should be playing to a larger audience.

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I agree. It was a really good show from start to finish. And loud. Very loud. 

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