Dallas Rappers Pikahsso and Tahiti Bring You New Sitcom Trap House

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When I came across this potentially real Craigslist ad yesterday, I was, of course, intrigued. Turns out, the Dallas-shot Trap House is a real show, at least on the Internet, and it's two episodes in.

Dallas emcee Pikahsso, who was mentioned here last week for his appearance in DFW Cypher's latest video, wrote the first episode and created it in conjunction with fellow PPT mate Tahiti and Ty Macklin. The premise: Follow the exploits of a wacky family that lives in a trap house.

"We wanted to take the viewer back to the Charles In Charge, Three's Company era of sitcoms," Pikahsso says. "We will release a new episode every Monday. It's gonna get more wild, more offensive, more obnoxious."

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Trap House is a satirical look at African American Drug  culture presented in a retro 80's sitcom format.


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