Austin City Limits Will Be Two Weekends in 2013

Patrick Michels
A scene from Austin City Limits 2011
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Good news, everyone! Earlier today, The Statesman broke down Austin City Limits Music Fest's new, extra special bonus deal with C3 Presents (the ACL producers): starting in fall 2013, the festival will have an extra special additional weekend. According to our sister paper in Houston, the possible dates are Oct. 4-6 and Oct. 11-13. Which means you'll be able to go to Austin City Limits, and then go to Austin City Limits again.Two buttery weekends of indie rockin', head-bobbing and bad ass food trucks. Also, the opportunity to see dudes in banana costumes. Also, those "Keep Dallas Pretentious" shirts.

An important note, from the Statesman:

Neighborhood groups near Zilker Park were worried that that idea hadn't been vetted thoroughly enough to consider the parking, traffic and noise impacts

Oh, yes, that part [shudders imagining the traffic]. For Dallas citizens, the other, possibly exciting notion to keep in mind: spillover. A range of interesting bands will be making stops. Dallas may be looking at an exciting few weeks of October 2013 shows.

So, what does everyone think? Two weekends of ACL: overkill or a big ol' boat of awesome?

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@mattieplummer Now we have no excuse!


@RachelEvans129 Can you imagine how insane the lineup is going to be now? Its over a year away and I'm already anxious.


This year is the first in like 7 years that I haven't had any interest in going.


@KeepAustinWierd Guh.... I hope the cleanup will be ok :(.

MattL11 2 Like

I can dig it. The question is, can the park itself handle it?


 @MattL11 The park took a good shot last year and was back in shape fairly quickly, but two consecutive weeks? What if it rains? What if there is no rain at all and by Sun #2 it's just another dustbowl? This seems like it could be more trouble than it's worth.

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