House of Plates Pits the Local Music Community Against Local Restaurants. Who Will Sprain Something First?

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Ever wanted to see pasty music writers outside in the daytime, sweltering under the August sun, playing volleyball? Not really our natural habitat, but Endless Summer, local music and food blog House of Plates' August 5 event at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, promises some exceptionally awkward moves, trash-talking and sand-kicking, courtesy of local music entities and restaurants.

DC9 At Night will be joined by the Granada Theater, Central Track, Indie-Verse, Parade of Flesh, Spune, the Kessler Theater and 35 Denton on the music side, and we're already doing Rocky-style training montages, wrist-strengthening exercises, and warming up the ol' Observer staff treadmill, which is totally a thing that we have. Check the bracket above for the participants. We're playing Indie-Verse in the first round. COMMENCE CULTURE WARS.

It's also a pool party and fashion show, with DJ sets by Neo-Safari and Elizabeth Farrell. Doors at noon.

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Audra Schroeder
Audra Schroeder

 It's gonna be Malice at the Palace all over again.

Paddy Martini
Paddy Martini

POF vs Spune is going to be like Drago vs Apollo 

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