Ghostbar's Wade Hampton Joins M3 Films As Creative Director, Partners With It'll Do

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Wade Hampton
As news of Ghostbar's closing came earlier today, so did word that Wade Randolph Hampton, the "creative force" behind the club, would be jumping into another venture. He's taking on the role of Creative Director at M3 Films, which will produce The Starck Project, a documentary on the famed '80s Dallas nightclub.

But he's got yet another venture up his sleeve, according to an effusive press release sent out earlier:

Meanwhile, Hampton's fans will still be able to catch his local shows every Friday at the intensely authentic yet still hushed discotheque (and 50's dancehall of the same name) - It'll Do - where he has partnered with heralded impresario Brooke Humphries. His bombastic Friday hoedown, called The ISH, will feature the absolute cutting-edge in bass music and indie-electro with a bevy of globally recognized artists, including members of the unstoppable Pretty Lights camp and Dallas dubstep prodigy, Spenca.

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LA techno gangster
LA techno gangster

Guest dj, Wade produced the film Groove in mid 90's, a flawlessly accurate representation of the San Francisco underground. It featured such no name dj's as John Digweed, and was the darling of some obscure festival called SUNDANCE. He followed that up with TV Junkie, another Sundance feature. His current Starke project is a similar film about Dallas. His next one, Louder Than Words, is about the early 90's LA rave scene. He was a founding father of all three, and a damn good film maker. Be thankful Dallas has him, because LA wants him back terribly.

Guest DJ
Guest DJ

I don't always hire creative directors for my film company. But when I do I usually hire a dj from a bar.



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