Five Slowcore Bands That Weren't Really Slowcore

Dean and Britta, tonight at the Belmont
Last year, we detailed five fantastic post-rock bands that scoff at the term post-rock and, more or less, pissed on the very thought of being tagged as such.

With Luna's Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips conquering the grassy hill at the Belmont Hotel tonight as a part of KXT 91.7's Barefoot at the Belmont Series, for what's being billed as a "Dean Sings Galaxie 500" show, we thought it'd be fun to take a look at five splendid slowcore bands from the past and present that would rather us just leave them alone with all of the slow-talk.

Many articles discussing the seminal Dallas band mention that, predictably, the band wasn't fond of the label, but one short, simple answer in an interview with Matt and Bubba Kadane gave a profound explanation as to why the slowcore tag missed the mark. To be sure, Bedhead and The New Year's catalogs are cohesive, but they're anything but one-dimensional.

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As with other great bands of their ilk, the New York-based group that's now touring in support of some remastered reissues don't seem as bitter as other bands when it comes to being lumped into the slowcore bin. Chris Brokaw is pretty nonchalant and even jocular about the label when compared to other bands.

Many Internet resources trace the term "slowcore" back to Alan Sparhawk and his Minnesotan mates.He knows where and when the term itself was jokingly originated, and hasn't been a fan since. Regardless, their 2011 Sub Pop LP, C'Mon, manages to be simultaneously minimal and lush.

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