The Five Best Independence Day Songs

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Since those bombs are about to be bursting in air, here are a few songs to go along with the noise. I know that some folks will be mad because I left anything from Springsteen off the list, but go ahead and add your own recommendations if you like.

1. "Almost Independence Day" - Van Morrison
From the great but under-appreciated Saint Dominic's Preview, this is Van Morrison at his best, and makes July 4th seem like a spiritual holiday.

2. "Tears of Rage" - The Band
Another heartbreaking song from Music From Big Pink. I get goosebumps every time I hear this one. "We carried you in our arms on Independence Day," sings Richard Manuel in one of the best vocal performances I can think of.

3. "4th of July" - U2
A short instrumental tune included because it comes from my favorite U2 album, The Unforgettable Fire.

4. "On Independence Day" - Anti Flag
You got to have at least one punk song in the list. After all, those founding fathers were revolutionaries.

5. "Independence Day" - Vic Chestnutt
Another sad, yearning number. Perhaps fireworks get me all maudlin. Whatever, a great, great song from someone I miss greatly.

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hey baby it's the '4th of July' written by Dave Alvin, i like the X version


"Independence Day" by Elliott Smith

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