Aerosmith, Cheap Trick - American Airlines Center - 7/28/12

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Rachel Parker
Steven Tyler
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Aerosmith, Cheap Trick
American Airlines Center
Saturday, July 28

At 64, Steven Tyler is simply a wonder to behold. As he pranced, pouted and prowled the stage at the American Airlines Center Saturday night, it was hard to keep up with the showboating. And with a band like Aerosmith, 40-plus years into their career, showboating is a term of endearment.

Thankfully, the band mostly avoided their weaker, more popular songs. "Janie's Got a Gun" was nowhere to be heard, but "Love in an Elevator" and "Pink" somehow made the list. As Tyler and crew belted out the expected chestnuts ("Walk This Way," "Sweet Emotion," "Dream On"), the crowd danced while mouthing each and every word. The band sounded fantastic, but n the end, it was Tyler who held sway.

Personal bias: I actually like Cheap Trick better than Aerosmith. Cheap Trick's thirteen-song opening set was probably better than what came from the night's headliners. Even without original drummer Bun E. Carlos, "Surrender" was the best song played by either band on this particular evening.

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gee, i really feel like i was there.... how do u keep this job darryl?


I couldn't imagine the crowd at this thing!  Why would you go to this?  


Not being Aerosmith fans we went to see Cheap Trick and since the tickets were so freaking expensive of course we planned on seeing three or four songs from Aerosmith. We ended up staying the whole night.  Steven Tyler's presence completely filled the arena.  His voice and his movements and facial expressions were mesmerizing.  I'm not going to start downloading the entire Aerosmith discography but it was a great show.  

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