A Very Serious Gchat About Montell Jordan's Latest Career Choice

Is this how you do it, Montell?
With the recent discovery that R&B singer Montell Jordan is now just singing headlines from MSNBC to people via text, The Overserved columnist Deb Doing Dallas and I had a very serious conversation about what this all means, and I have a moment of panic that my phone had been hacked by MSNBC.

Audra: Um https://www.facebook.com/msnNOW/app_325314930888260
What happened, Montell Jordan????
Audra: It's Montell Jordan...singing headlines?
Deb: Just like headlines from MSNBC?
Audra: Yes.
Deb: That is blowing my mind.
Audra: That is how he is currently doing it. I'm just trying to figure out why he's doing it
Audra: Oh, nevermind. This is why: http://www.sohh.com/2012/04/montell_jordans_tax_records_exposed_owes.html
Deb: Montell, that is not a great way to do it. He did it too much! This is how we get out of significant debt.
Audra: This is an actual line from that piece:
"All the gang bangers forgetting about the drive-by isn't nearly as bad as Montell Jordan forgetting to pay his taxes ... to the tune of $627,987.06"
Deb: hahahahaha
we want the gang bangers to always forget about the drive by

Audra: Wait, some weird number just called me and I didn't answer.
Deb: Was it Montell Jordan?
Audra: They left a message!
Deb: It was me, I sent you a headline!
Audra: Oh man, yeah, I don't know how to approach this breaking news
Deb: Yeah, this is a tough one. On one hand, I can't decide if I feel bad for Montell Jordan. On the other hand, this will be fun to prank people with.
Audra: Yes, let's lady prank people with these. Montell could make even the worst news sound smooth as fuck, right? Well, hopefully MSNBC would find some headlines to be in poor taste.
Deb: Too soon.
I mean, it does make an automatic joke of all headlines. Every headline would be too soon
Audra: I'd be happy with a "Supplier Pleads Guilty in Fake Cialis Case"
Deb: Painful flip flops ... is it a problem? Is it? http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/18/health/flip-flops-hurting-feet/index.html?hpt=he_t4
Audra: Great, now "This Is How We Do It" is stuck in my head again.
Deb: Well it is Friday night and I feel alright.
Audra: I think we just found a way to wrap this chat up!
Deb: This is how we do it.

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