Want Discounted Tickets To El-P and Killer Mike?

A preview of what you might expect from Killer Mike and El-P
We mentioned earlier this week that DC9 at Night and the Granada have teamed up to bring you the DC9 at Night Crawl next Thursday, June 21. That means we're starting at Single Wide for a pre-party, then heading to the Granada for the show, then after the party there's the official after-party at Beauty Bar, where DJ Sober will provide his always-solid soundtrack. The last time I attended a Sober jam, I attempted an ill-advised body roll while holding a 40. It's going to be that kind of night.

We're going to let you in on a discount situation, though. This is offer is valid tomorrow, June 15, only, and will get you discounted tickets to El-P/Killer Mike for $20, which is $6 less than day of show tickets. Just use the discount code DC9 when you purchase here.

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Gavin Mulloy
Gavin Mulloy

Be sure to select the $16.00 tix.  a $4 service fee is added.

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