The Five Worst and Five Most Underrated Van Halen Songs

Seeing that Van Halen somehow managed to NOT cancel their show tonight at American Airlines Center, I decided to go through the band's catalogue and come up with a couple of lists. First comes the bad, and then comes the diamonds in the poo-poo.

The Five Worst Van Halen Songs

1. "Hot for Teacher"
Van Halen always catered to the lowest common denominator of middle school boys, but this song always struck me as particularly stupid. Plus, it could have inspired Mary Kay Letourneau.

2. "Eruption"
If I only had a dollar for every band dude who has told me, "You've got to hear our guitarist. He can almost play 'Eruption'."

3. "Dancing in the Streets"
Why do bands cover this song?

4. "Jump"
The cool chorus was instantly made limp by the most simplistic synthesizer riff in the history of rock music.

5. Any song sung by Sammy Hagar or Gary Cherone

The Five Most Underrated Van Halen Songs

1. "Could This Be Magic?"
Acoustic Van Halen? Sacrilege back in the day, but this song from Women and Children First holds up just fine today.

2. "Sunday Afternoon in the Park"
From Fair Warning. Eddie goes progressive rock and it kind of, sort of works. A dark precursor of things to come and there's not a single Diamond Dave yelp to be heard.

3. "Light up the Sky"
One of the highlights of the disappointing Van Halen II. I could be wrong, but this song actually shows, God help me, a little restraint.

4. "I'll Wait"
This new wave ditty from 1984 would have made a great outtake from Soft Cell.

5. "House of Pain"
The final cut from 1984 showed the band could still rock. The (at the time) last shout from David Lee Roth and, for me, the end of Van Halen.

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Horrible list by an unfunny journalist. Hot For Teacher defines Van Halen and the double bass drum intro by Alex Van Halen rules. And you diss Eruption?? WTF?

Parker Dressler
Parker Dressler

Eruption as one of the 5 worst VH songs are you crazy.  The average guy heard this song and picked up the guitar because of it.  Just because these wannabees cant play it correctly does not make the song a bad song.  That thinking is ridiculous.  Because of Eruption Eddie staked his claim to one of the best if not the best axeman of all time.  I think the person who came up with this list is a idiot for adding that song.  MORON!!!!!!


First of all Eruption wasn't a song and you clearly don't play guitar nor can you appreciate its history. Yet you admit in your explanation how groundbreaking it was to the guitar world which underlines how far off you are from "getting it." What's your logic? Every guitar player in the world made it the gold standard, so therefore it was shit?  Makes sense.  I'd have added Full Bug and I'm The One to the underrated list


a very immature article from obviously a wannabe guitarist who claims to be a purist... big surprise!  I bet you can almost play eruption too!


I wasn't aware that DC9 had morphed into a Van Halen fan site. If so, it's my mistake and I apologize, but it's not my mistake. My mistake, if I made one, was not building a time machine and going back to abort all the members of Van Halen while they were in the womb. I'll cop to that one. 


5 worst songs by Van Halen: 1) When It's Love, 2) Dreams, 3) Why Can't This Be Love, 4) Love Walks In, 5) Poundcake


Technically yes, Sammy Hagar has a better voice . . . Style wise, no way . . . David Lee Roth at his worst is still much better than Sam at his best.  Van Halen w DLR will last forever.  Van Hagar doesn't "Stand the Test of Time". 

Glenn Whitney
Glenn Whitney

if u hate vh so bad,why are u even on this site

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