Polyphonic Spree Covers Neil Young's Classic "Heart of Gold"

Neil Young is getting older. His songs, however, are timeless, effortless gems, graceful in their scruff and nearly impossible to break down. When an artist covers a Neil Young song, it only makes that artist look better.

Such is the case with The Polyphonic Spree, who covered Young's "Heart of Gold" for The Onion's A.V. Club Undercover series. Clear and concise, the Spree manage to distill some 18 or so instruments (including voices) into a sucker-punch of a performance.

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Daniel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins

You're right. The show seems to have disappeared completely. Took that bit out to be safe.


Are we 100% sure it's still happening? It was pulled from the original press release and there's no "official" listing of it anywhere that I can find. Perhaps it was just announced too early and will still be announced again at a later date...

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