Photos: Friday Night in Deep Ellum

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All photos by Mike Brooks
For the $100 you spent at Coldplay, here is what you could have done Friday night:

Dinner and live music from the food trucks on Main Street: $7

Cold IPA at Double Wide before the crowds hit: $4 plus tip

RTB2, Sealion and the Whiskey Folk Ramblers at LaGrange: $8

Drink at LaGrange: $4 plus tip

OK, one more: $4 plus tip

Soviet, Fungi Girls and the Boom Bang at Queen City Hall: $5 (plus BYOB, $7 for a six pack) - Mike Brooks



RTB2 (and Bob)

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Chris Danger
Chris Danger

Only thing that didnt sit right w/ me with this recent Friday Night Food Trucks outing was that the trucks owner/operators were prevented from selling beverages, instead they kept pushing this Fuze swill at a booth nearby..With the temps still in the high 90's on friday evening, even allowing them to sell water would've been a decent idea, instead, someone on the block made a stink and forced folks to buy overprices bevs from them..

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