Paul Slavens Looks Back on a Decade of Ten Hands Press Photos

An old Ten Hands photo with some artistic alterations.
A stack of Ten Hands pics literally shot out of the filing cabinet the other day while thumbing around in the Observer photo vaults. The photos highlight the local band throughout their decade-long run, from the mid-'80s through the mid-'90s. We reached out to Ten Hands' frontman, Paul Slavens, and asked him to further explain each photo. This is what he had to say...

"I was afraid you were gonna find this one. As I recall, this was one of those times when we thought something stupid was a great idea. We decided we would take a pic of us banging our heads. I remember we all knew this picture sucked but we submitted it to the Observer anyways. Big Al Emert was the only one with sense enough to look like a proper rock star. I don't think this was taken during a particularly positive time in the band's career."

"I can trace my history of this time by observing what stupid hair\beard\mustache mode I was in. Here, I had finally had the good sense to shave my head, but was sporting a straggly soul patch that I referred to as my 'Genghis.' This is a photo of the last incarnation of Ten Hands, after Steve Brand had moved on to San Antonio and Big Al joined Brave Combo. Ed McMahon and Greg Beck joined for the last year."

"A lot of our pictures were taken by our good friend Bobby Jack Pack. This picture is of the longest running version of Ten Hands, taken when we were going pretty strong. I think this lineup lasted about five years. That hat was given to me by Matt Chamberlain, who was the original drummer for the band. I still have it."

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Saw the band everywhere - including Popscicle Toes! Stay Hard Ten Hands


Paul, I'll never forget the Richland Planetarium show.  That was the night that some guy screamed, "LASER WAS MADE FOR TEN HANDS!!"  I've never seen the band laugh so hard.  Thanks for all the Club Dada memories.  I still listen to Kung Fu, That's What I Like on cassette tape - just for the pure analog joy of it all.

Mcdonald Simon
Mcdonald Simon

Earl Harvin = Malcolm Jamal Warner.  It is awesome

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