In Session: Latin House Krew

All photos by Roderick Pullum
DJ Inzo organizing tracks
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In the realm of the DJ, it's been proven there's strength in numbers. Dallas DJs Spin, Ivy Tron and Inzo, collectively known as the Latin House Krew, came together in 1997, when Spin and Ivy Tron had their own show on KNON 89.3. Inzo joined soon after, and their respective careers took off.

Aside from landing several resident gigs throughout the metroplex, the three have amassed an impressive resume, spinning alongside Lady Gaga, Run DMC, DJ Enrie and DJ Skribble. More recently, they were named runner-up in the Lights All Night DJ competition, and have headlined the all vinyl "Back to Wax" DJ expo.

Host/engineer Manny B
Ever the marketing strategists, LHK decided to launch Latin House Krew Presents "The Bassement Party" podcast back in November of last year. I linked up with Latin House Krew to sit in on a production of the podcast in a posh studio in Las Colinas. Upon entering the studio, Spin laid out the format. First, the audience is treated to a segment of new music, then each LHK member debuts their own mix, and a guest DJ closes the show.

DJ Spin discussing segments for the show
Along with co-host and studio engineer Manny B, the Latin House Krew aim to set their show apart from others by connecting with the fans on a personal level. Between EDM tracks, an array of topics were discussed, including the ups and downs of dealing with promoters and club owners.

DJ Spin shared a story from his early days, about a verbal altercation with a club owner that escalated into his vinyl being tossed in the street. The topic then switched to Deadmau5's recent Twitter diss of DJ Pauly D. We realized we'd forgotten about the lunar eclipse, which was taking place right outside the window.

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