All of the Arguments About Digital Music, Summarized

Piracy is theft.

Piracy isn't theft because nothing physical is being stolen.

You are taking money out of the hands of artists.

Artists were already being ripped off by labels.

Artists can make the money back by touring.


Here is a bulleted list of numbers showing how much it costs to be a working musician compared with how much you get for touring.

By reducing the economic incentives for producing music, you are reducing the number of people who become musicians, and thus the quality of music overall.

Remixes, mash-ups, and other forms of sampling show how digital music is encouraging creativity.

The music industry is stifling creativity by filing copyright violation notices on remixers, mash-uppers, and samplers.

The music industry is unjustly harassing downloaders, levying fines far in excess of actual damages.

By exposing people to more music, freely available digital music prompts more people to buy music.

Music sales have dropped dramatically since the introduction of MP3s.

Music sales have dropped because music got worse.

Music sales were always inflated by the introduction of overpriced new formats and albums padded with filler.

It doesn't cost anything to make music now, so it shouldn't cost anything to buy music.

Here is a bulleted list of numbers showing how much it costs to make music.

Music should be free.

It's already free on the radio.

People have been stealing music for a long time.

Artists don't deserve to make a living making music.

Musicians should just be happy to be making music and shouldn't worry about making money from it.

Big tech corporations are encouraging "free culture" and are the ones profiting from music now.

Copyright laws are unrealistic and designed to benefit big corporations.

Copyright laws, accurately designed, can protect creators and encourage creativity.

It's easier to pirate music than to buy it.

No, it's not.

The record industry needs to develop a better business model.


Why can't I just pay for one streaming service with all of the music in the world.

Only hopelessly backwards artists and labels don't sign with streaming services.

Streaming services pay almost nothing per play, making such agreements basically worthless.

If you have money and love music you should be willing to pay money for it.

The Internet has made it possible for artists to develop their careers independent of labels, and I support those artists.

I don't want to have to deal with an evil record company.

Record companies socialize the costs of launching new artists, allowing successful ones to subsidize riskier unproven artists.

The only musicians that can be successful as independent artists already have label-grown existing fanbases.

It is economically rational for me to pay as little money for a desired commodity as possible, so the existence of pirate-able music demands, by market logic, that I download it.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

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everyone from 1906 -1960 who listened to music on their AM radios would like a word with you for calling them all "stupid, lazy fucks."


Kick back watch it crumbleSee the drowning, watch the fallI feel just terrible about itThat's sarcasm, let it burnI'm gonna make a toast when it falls apartI'm gonna raise my glass above my heartThen someone shouts "That's what they get!"For all the years of hit and runFor all the piss broke bands on VH1Where did all, their money go?Don't we all knowParasitic music industryAs it destroys itselfWe'll show them how it's supposed to beMusic written from devotionNot ambition, not for fameZero people are exploitedThere are no tricks, up our sleeveGonna fight against the mass appealWe're gonna kill the 7 record dealMake records that have more than one good song[ From: ]The dinosaurs will slowly dieAnd I do believe no one will cryI'm just fucking glad I'm gonna beThere to watch the fallPrehistoric music industryThree feet in la brea tarExtinction never felt so goodIf you think anyone would feel badlyYou are sadly, mistakenThe time has come for evolutionFuck collusion, kill the fiveWhatever happened to the handshake?Whatever happened to deals no-one would break?What happened to integrity?It's still there it always wasFor playing music just becauseA million reason whyAll dinosaurs will dieAll dinosaurs will dieAll dinosaurs will die The labels and corporate rock whores did this to themselves.  Remember when CDs went from 11.99 to 16.99 then to 19.99. screw them screw the five, remember the masses are asses


Yeah, but the seques are so much cooler on cassettes vs digital...


there has always been thousands of poor musicians for every rich musician...tell me exactly whats changed again?


I don't disagree with anything you just said, just as I don't disagree with what Steve said. However, that seems to me to be another symptom/result of a larger problem, not a root cause. That was my only issue. 

empty three
empty three

When music in effect costs nothing thanks to piracy, many people will tend to amass huge amounts of music, while not caring as much about the quality, either musically or technically (mp3s).  Pirating the music of most current artists is like eating for free at a really shitty all-you-can eat 1000-item Chinese buffet where you never feel satisfied, no matter how much you eat, but you convince yourself that it's great, because you got away with not paying, and there's so much shit to choose from.

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