Your Comprehensive Guide to Band Names as Food

Using the Schrodinger equation, in conjunction with a quantum harmonic oscillator to efficiently fuse two non-sentient objects together, we here at DC9 at Night have created a  giant-ass list. Please be cautious when reading, as prolonged exposure can lead to headaches, extreme diaphragm tension, and heavy-genitals syndrome.

And so, we present, 100 bands-as-food puns.

1. Radiobread
2. Jack White Truffles
3. Bon Bons Iver
4. Alabama Milkshakes
5. LMFAOkra
6. Flaming Cheetos Lips
7. Gary Numan's Own Salad Dressing
8. Ted Nougat
9. Bananas Foster the People (and their hit single "Pumped Up Kix")
10. Edith Rice Piaf

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11. Toro Sushi Y Moi
12. Cake
13. Bone Thugs 'N Hominy Grits
14. Souffle Stevens
15. M&M's Ward
16. Cayenne West
17. BBQ King
18. Erykah BaHoneyDew
19. Akon Nuts
20. Polyphonic Spree (By Nestlé)
21. Goatye Cheese
22. Ice Tea
23. Kelly Clarkbarson
24. Macaroon 5
25. Sherbet Bacharach
26. Jimmies Hendrix
27. Ariel Pink Lemonade
28. Pink Lemonade Floyd
29. Kris KrisToffeerson
30. Passion Fruit Pit
31. The Very Best Slice of Pizza
32. Against Meat!
33. CocoaRosie
34. Coldpizzaplay
35. Bruce Springchickensteen
36. Lychee Li
37. Toby Heath
38. Kenny Chestnutsy
39. The Beef Shins
40. Hootie and the Fugu
41. Fiona Apple
42. Neutral Milk Hotel
43. Orangina Spektor
44. Figur Ros
45. Best Toast
46. Santigold Leaf
47. Fried Bear in Heaven
48. Hot Chips
49. John Mayoer
50. Cut Celery Chemist

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