So You Think You Can Sing? Want To Audition For The Star Next Door?

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Queen Latifah
The CW network is in the final stages of casting for its new reality show, The Star Next Door, which is being produced by Queen Latifah. They're looking for "highly talented, established singers that are known in the Dallas area and already have a following in DFW."

Some other requirements:

1 fairly recent head shot photo (the more professional looking, the better)

Web links to videos of the artist including 1) a music video of an original song 2) a popular cover tune 3) a video that shows a live performance in front of an audience

Name (legal and stage, if different)

Age (should be at least 18 -- prefer under 30 or at least "look it")

Contact info (email and phone)

The city where they reside (must be within a 45 minute drive of Dallas).

Why would they be great for the show- For example: What's their "background story" ? What has been their success in the music industry so far? How often do they perform and where? Where is their following in Dallas? In general, Why are they the "Star Next Door" that the world needs to know about?

Ouch. Those are some very specific requirements, especially that age one. But, it is the CW after all. And there are folks out there hungry enough for fame, which is basically what this show and others like it are banking on.

Think you have what it takes? Email here and submit your info. They'll also want to know when your next show might be, your following in DFW and your demographic.

Your 15 minutes starts ... now.

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Herman Bryant III
Herman Bryant III

I am sooooo wanting to do this but I can't because I don't live 45 minutes away from Dallas but I live in Texas! Man this would have been perfect for me! I'm not about to give up though I'm gonna do this!!!!!


Wow, so sad, I agree with Lastangelman, there are so many talented people who can sing who are over 30-65 range. what a bummer


Age requirement? Age-based looks? Bullshit! There's so many talented Dallas musical artists who are in 35-60 range with a following - where's the class action lawyers, now?

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